Becoming a reseller
Technetworks products have a good reputation. The quality of reseller service is of great importance to this reputation.

Resellers are responsible for 1st and 2nd line support to end users. Technetworks delivers products with a warranty and will provide resellers with good quality 3rd line support. For an important part is this support provided through the Technetworks support website.

To obtain the status of Technetworks reseller, the following steps need to be taken:
- Signing of a basic mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
- Exchanging primary information to allow the potential reseller to asses the products.
- The potential reseller then provides Technetworks with an insight in the planned approach.
- Mutual signing of a reseller agreement.
- Granting access to the Technetworks support website.
- Enrolling in a
Technetworks sales training (free)
- Enrolling in a
Technetworks technical training (charged)
- Acquire a test and demo system.