About Technetworks

Technetworks B.V. is a distributor of telecom software and hardware based in the Netherlands.

Our product portfolio consists out of these products:

  • The @COM Business Manager - An All in One IP Telephony platform
  • The PeterConnects attendant - A Windows based PC Operator station
  • The AsteriskConnect - A CSTA III interface for Asterisk based PBX systems
  • Custom Development - Assistance services for telecom solutions
  • Consultancy - Consultancy specializing in VoIP, Networking an software development  

Our focus of attention is resellers and system integrators serving medium to large size organizations.


Address information
Hoofdweg 20
3067 GH Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31(0)10 - 7420260
fax:+31(0)10 - 7420269
e-mail: info@technetworks.eu