asteriskConnect features

The features of this CSTA III XML interface are:

Supported Asterisk versions 
The product is under going continuous development for better support of Asterisk and PeterConnects features which is why we support Asterisk 15 with downwards compatibility to Asterisk v1.2. This means we build support for the AMI v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v2.x.x, v3.0.x. The AsteriskConnect software works partially with all channels available in Asterisk, and fully with SIP & IAX2 channels. (ZAP, DAHDI & mISDN support is pending). 

Supported SIP phones 
We currently fully support the Snom 3xx/7xx series and the Aastra 67xx/68xx series and can easily built support for other phones if requested. Unsupported phones will work too, but the commands for those phones are limited to a makeCall request. The support for other CSTA functions/events depends strongly on the channel driver signaling of such an event. For example there is no way the channel driver can detect whether an analog phone is connected or not, therefor the OutOfService and BackInService events will not function for these channels.

Supported OS versions 
We currently support 32 and 64 bit Linux v2.6 & v3.0 distributions and test our software regularly on RedHat based distributions. Support for other OS systems can be made available through paid development.

Supported CSTA applications 
We are currently supporting the peterConnect attendant v5 & v6 applications and all CSTA/XML-III applications able to connect over a TCP/IP socket.

Supported CSTA functions/commands 
The following CSTA requests can be handled by the AsteriskConnect:

  • makeCall
  • answerCall (SIP only and depends on type/model SIP phone)
  • holdCall (SIP only and depends on type/model SIP phone)
  • retrieveCall (SIP only and depends on type/model SIP phone)
  • transferCall (SIP only and depends on type/model SIP phone)
  • singlesteptransferCall
  • acceptCall
  • parkCall (Dynamic call parking only)
  • clearconnection
  • monitorStart
  • startapplicationSession
  • getswitchingfunctiondevices
  • getlogicaldeviceinformation
  • getphysicaldeviceinformation 
The supported events are:
  • Offered 
  • Delivered 
  • Established 
  • ConnectionCleared 
  • Transferred
  • Held 
  • Retrieved 
  • Queued
  • Diverted
  • CSTAError
  • OutOfService 
  • BackInService 
  • SwFunctionDevicesChanged 
  • deviceCapsChangedEvent