End-of-Sale PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk

End-of-Sale for the PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk.

Since 2008 TechNetworks BV is the exclusive distributor for the industry leading PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk based phone systems. Ten years later, we and the manufacturer, have decided to change our focus and start working on new innovations. This results in us having to declare an End-of-Sale for this product on the 1st of July 2018, until that date all project specific request will be honored.

  • The End-of-Manafucturer Support is scheduled for December 31st 2018.
  • The End-of-Support by TechNetworks is scheduled for August 31st 2020.

Please note:
That this only applies to the PeterConnects Attendant software, not the AsteriskConnect middleware.
And, that all existing PeterConnects for Asterisk customers will keep receiving best-effort support even after August 31st 2020.


Additional information, added April 6th 2018:

Because of the many questions we received concerning this End-of-Sale bulletin, we would like to comment on a few things:

First of all, we would like to make it clear that TechNetworks BV will continue to support its customers until August the 31st 2020. Only after that date will our support of the PeterConnects for Asterisk software be based on best-effort support. The AsteriskConnect software used to connect the PeterConnects Attendant Software to your Asterisk PBX is not End-of-Sale, nor End-of-Support.

Secondly, we would like to comment that the causes for most issues with the PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk are related to programming faults within the Asterisk PBX itself, and hardly any issues have been found in the PeterConnects Software itself. This is due to the nature of an Open-Source product like the Asterisk PBX that keeps evolving and changes rapidly over time. The AsteriskConnect software is designed to handle these changes, which is why we have to release new software often to keep up with the changes in Asterisk. As said before, we are not discontinuing our AsteriskConnect software, so you may expect from us that we will continue to bring you software updates over many years to come.  

And last, we would like to comment that the current PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk software (version 7.2) has been around for quite some time and has been thoroughly tested. We have found only a few minor bugs over the last years which have all been fixed. To make sure the last release will last for quite some time, the manufacturer (JDM Software) has recently taken the effort to remove all remaining issues from its software and released version v7.2B22. We expect no major issues in the future with this product, and are convinced that existing customers will enjoy this software for many years to come.

1 March, 2018 - 08:31 — Sales team