AsteriskConnect Investment

Installing an AsteriskConnect requires lots of knowledge of several different parts, like the Asterisk dial plan, CSTA III protocol and of course the application you want to communicate with !

What investment is needed?
Selling a one-off AsteriskConnect software solution is only feasible if your customer is willing to pay for it. This is because you will need to configure your PBX to be able to work with the AsteriskConnect software but also the CSTA enabled applications. This takes quite some effort because even though CSTA is a standardized protocol (just like the SIP protocol), many developers use their own interpretation of the protocol!

Typically a normal installation of the AsteriskConnect software can be done in half a day but is depending on the configuration. However during a first-time you will encounter all kinds of new stuff which takes time to figure out, let us give you a realistic indication for a small system with just basic features:

  • 8 Hours to install and configure the AsteriskConnect software

  • 4 Hours to adjust your Asterisk dial plan to enable the basic features like receiving and transferring calls

  • 8 Hours to adjust your Asterisk dial plan to enable features like Call Forwarding & DND indications and mobility/flex-working options.

  • 4 Hours to install your CSTA enabled application (Estimate!)

  • 16 Hours to configure and fine-tune the communication between the two systems

This is just for a basic installation. So you need to keep in mind you will likely need about 5 days of work to get it up and running of which you will need about 16 hours of TechNetworks supporting you. 

Of course, if you've done it once you can simply repeat the exercise. Which means you usually need just 1-4 hours to get it up and running depending on your integration.

Alternative solution?
You may consider using our @COM Business Manager which already has everything pre-configured and integrated. This will save you time on development and will ensure you a proper operation, for more information check out: