The AsteriskConnect




TechNetworks has developed the first fully functional CSTA III XML interface for open source Asterisk, called the AsteriskConnect. 

The AsteriskConnect is a middleware solution or SDK for communicating with the Asterisk Open Source PBX using the CSTA III Protocol. Until today interfacing Asterisk with major business applications has been difficult, time consuming and in many cases the end result was far from stable under heavy load.   Not anymore!

With AsteriskConnect we present an industry standard CSTA III XML interface to interface with. AsteriskConnect functions as a gateway/proxy and translates the CSTA III protocol to Asterisk operations/events and vice versa. The AsteriskConnect opens opportunities for companies who want to make their products work together with Asterisk with a robust industry standard interface and circumvents the time consuming Asterisk specific AMI issues. 

TechNetworks already connected the open source Asterisk PBX with its CSTA III interface to JDM’s peterConnects attendant and effectively added enterprise grade attendant functionality to the Asterisk community. Developing support for links with other platforms is just a small step away because we are using the standardized CSTA III protocol, all that needs to be done is build the necesary interfacing and possible missing operations/events.

One of the big advantages of the AsteriskConnect is that the solution does not depend on extensive dialplan changes and userevents. For basic functions only a few additions need to be made to the dialplan, that's all! For more complex features we make sure that we limit the amount of changes to your dialplan to an absolute minimum because we understand that no developer likes to change his or her code for some third party software.

Our CSTA III interface also keeps track of the full call flow and is able to act as a transfer agent, but through the use of our development team many more features can be realized.

Key benefits

  • Presents a standard CSTA III XML interface to the world of Asterisk
  • Easy to implement; only a few additions to the dialplan are necessary
  • Built-in call flow detection; no need for separate transfer agent
  • Can be provided as an appliance, alongside Asterisk distributions or bundled with third party software